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Rajasekhar Gundala

With 15+ years of experience and a Master of Technology from MNNIT, Allahabad. I make sure that everything is operational from an IT Perspective.

About me

Welcome to my creative journey. My work is a testament to my commitment to bringing ideas to life, where each pixel becomes a brushstroke in the canvas of imagination.

I find inspiration in the world around me, whether through the pages of a captivating novel, the intricate details of typography, or the vibrant hues of nature during my outdoor escapades.

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Work experience

IT Systems Specialist
Foundever, WFH
2013 - Present

* Collaborate with clients to understand design requirements and objectives.
* Designed and implemented Internal Search Application using ELK Stack.
* Designed and implemented Observability Stack using Jaeger, Grafana, Loki, Prometheus, Quickwit, Clickhouse and Pyroscope.
* Designed and implemented Data Orchestration Pipelines using AirByte and Kestra.
* Maintaince of on-prem and cloud (azure) infrastructure.
* Designed and implemented SharePoint 2010/2013 based content management system in Windows Server 2016 with NLB.
* Developed custom workflows using power automate.
* Designed and implemented Drupal and WordPress based sites for internal projects.
* Good working experience with Docker, Docker Swarm, GitHub, Gitlab, Gitea, Drone CI, Woodpecker CI, Caddy Server, Nginx, Traefik, GlusterFS.

Senior Engineer
Novozymes South Asia Pvt.Ltd, Bengaluru, India
2010 - 2013

* Designed and implemented MOSS 2007/2010 server farm on Windows 2012R2.
* Functional support to SharePoint based Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN).
* Designed custom workflows using SharePoint Designer 2007/2010 and also using Power Automate.
* Good exposure to OOTB features of SharePoint Technology.

IT Engineer
CMC Ltd, Hyderabad, India
2006 - 2010

* Developed an Intranet portal for Xerox Corporation using WSS 3.0.
* Developed DMS (Document Management System) to store, catalog and retrieve documents.
* Developed a bug tracking system to solve printer related issues for production purpose.
* Developed custom workflows using Nintex Workflow 2007.
* Worked as a manual tester to test Xerox internal applications along with broad range of printers


Master of Technology in Electrical (Control & Instrumentation)
MNNIT, Allahabad, India
2003 - 2005

Bachelor of Technology in Electronics (Electronics & Instrumentation)
Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur, India
1998 - 2002


Discover the proficiencies that allow me to bring imagination to life through design.


Proficient in creating virtual servers, micro-services and serverless functions on Azure, Amazon and Google. Very good experiecne with IaaS tools like Pulumi, Terrafarm.


Proficient in creating docker files, docker images and deploying micro-services using docker-compose. Very good experience with docker swarm environment.

Caddy Web Server

Proficient in designing Caddy based reverse proxy and load balancer environment in docker. Caddy is the only web server with automatic HTTPS.

Search Server

Proficient in designing and creating internal search environment using ELK Stack and integrated dirrefent content sources like SharePoint Online, Teams, Github etc.

Distributed Tracing

Proficient in designing and deploying Distributed Tracing Platform to monitor & troubleshoot distributed systems, trackdown root cause and identify performance bottlenecks.


Proficient in designing performance optimized WordPress sites on docker swarm using GlusterFS as a rerplicated volume for data high availability.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Proficient in designing and deploying on-prem SharePoint Server Farms using 2013/2016/2019. Specialised in Drupal, Joomla, Sitecore, Ghost, Typo3, Shopify and Magento.

Headless CMS

Proficient in designing and deploying Headless CMS platform to separate presentation layer from the backend. It allows us to maintain the content in one place and deploy it on any digital channel.

Statis Site Generators (SSG)

Proficient in designing and deploying Statis Sites using Jekyll, Hugo, Astro. These are alternative to database driven sites like WordPress and Drupal. This Site is the real example built using Astro

Elevating visual narratives

Embark on a design journey that surpasses pixels, entering a realm of imagination. Explore my portfolio, where passion and creativity converge to shape enthralling visual narratives.

Project 1:
Internal Search Engine using ELK Stack


Internal Search Engine that enables everyone to find the answers for the questions from all the data sources with in the organization.


Designed and implemented ELK Cluster using docker-compose on Ubuntu Server. Integrated different content sources like SharePoint On-Prem, SharePoint Online, MS Teams, Network Drive to it using ETL tools like CloudQuery, AirByte and Kestra.

Project 2:
Web Design (Content Management Systems)


A CMS is used for enterprise content management (ECM) and web content management (WCM). ECM typically supports multiple uers in colloborative environemt by intehrating document management, digital asset management and records management.


Designed and implemented SharePoint 2010/2013 based content management system for internal use. Developed custome workflows using power automate. Used Drupal and WordPress for some other internal projects.

Project 3:
Distributed Tracing Stack


Distributed Tracing allows us to find or identify potential problems, such as operational issues or security breaches, before they become issues that impact customers or users.


Designed and implemented Observability Stack using Caddy, OpenTelemetry Collector, Jaeger, Grafana, Loki, Prometheus, Quickwit, Clinkhouse and Pyroscope using docker-compose.

Project 4:
Enterprise Servers Infrastructure


As part of Enterprise Server Support Team we are responsible for creating and maintaining servers (physical or virtual) to run internal as well as external applications.


Designed and implemented production WSS 3.0 and SP2010/2013 Server Farm environment in Windows Server 2016 with NLB. Functional support to SharePoint Intranet Portal and enhancements based on user requests. Created custom workflows using SharePoint Designer 2007/2010. Office 365 environment maintenance. Created and maintained IIS based Sites in Windows 2012/2016 servers.

Project 5:
Caddy - Open Source Web Server with Automatic HTTPS


Caddy simplifies our infrastructure. It takes care of obtainig TLS certificate, auto-renewals, OCSP stapling, Static file serving, reverse proxying, and more.


Designed and implemented production CICD environment to build custom Caddy Docker Container and published it to docker and Github registry. We used our custom docker container in front of our applications as a reverse proxy and also as a load balacer to fulfill our requirements.

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